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Float Therapy


Float Therapy Tank

Some call it an other-worldly experience, and some just call it the most relaxing hour of their lives. Spend a restorative hour in a dark, quiet room, suspended in a warm water bath for not only physical benefits, but emotional as well.

Because the warm water has an incredible amount of Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate in it, your body will feel weightless. This can create sensory deprivation which ultimately helps your body to relax and promotes a meditative environment.

Floating in our therapy tank allows your body to absorb minerals that help to calm your nervous system which enhances your body’s natural ability to heal. This deep relaxation state ultimately reduces your cortisol levels (stress), promotes blood flow which releases endorphins (positive feelings). Studies have shown that float therapy can be great for pregnant women, those that suffer from migraines or depression, or athletes in recovery between workouts.

  • Insomnia and sleep problems

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Digestion

  • Arthritis

  • Autism

  • Tendency towards diabetes

  • Muscle strains

  • Addiction problem

Convenient Location

Conveniently located in Downtown Dickson, it’s the perfect location to take a break from your daily stressors and allow your body to get the attention it deserves.

Don’t wait until you’re burned out and desperate for help before making an appointment. Schedule out weekly, monthly or quarterly appointments to proactively keep your body and mind in tip top shape. Schedule your float therapy session today!


This was my first time to In The Spalight and it was my birthday present to me. Everyone was amazing, so sweet and super talented. Thanks for the highlight of my day ladies 🙂


Always a fun experience! It feels like family from the minute I walk in the door. Very professional and I always leave happy! Will continue to use for ALL my spa and beauty needs!


Awesome salon! It has a relaxing atmosphere, great service, expansive options, and good quality material. Would definitely recommend ❤️❤️


Great spa! Get your full spa treatments, hair and nails all done all in one place. Massage is also offered. Great place to pamper yourself or someone else. Great group of ladies.


Everyone that works here is super kind hearted and always makes sure that you get what you came in for. They stay on their game!


I wouldn’t go anywhere but In the Spalight! Friendly, time efficient, and amazing work.